Talking Union, Talking Climate: Just Transitions and the Role of Unions in Addressing Inequality

Unequal Worlds #14

In this episode of Unequal Worlds, host Wesley Maraire interviews Vivian Price, a professor of interdisciplinary studies in the Department of Arts and Humanities at California State University Vivian discusses her background in blue-collar jobs, her interest in film-making, and her involvement in making documentaries about women construction workers, migrant workers, and the intersection of labour and climate change.


The conversation centers around ‘just transition’, which entails addressing the impacts of transitioning to a greener economy on workers, communities, and the economy. The episode includes discussions on the importance of including representatives from different communities in the negotiations, the role of the state in addressing inequality, and the value of strong unions.



The conversation also explores the challenges faced by countries heavily dependent on oil and the possibility of unions and oil companies working together to mitigate the risks of workers losing their jobs. The episode concludes with the importance of listening to workers and recognising their stake in the green transition.