A new collaboration with South-South Network

GRIP is happy to engage with a new initiative South-South Network and continue its work in supporting early career scholars and critical voices from around the globe on issues of inequality.


The South-South Network is comprised of early career researchers who are based in Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Mexico, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria. The network provides peer-to-peer learning and writing workshops on topical issues from a Global South perspective. The current project delves into the complex issue of inequality from a socio-legal perspective.


GRIP is collaborating with the South-South network on an upcoming Special Issue on inequality, to be published in the top ranked Journal, Revista Direito GV. The Special Issue aims to go beyond economic struggles and explore various forms of inequality, including social, gender, sexual, structural, and how they often intersect. It asks questions such as, “Is inequality present everywhere?” and “Can rights recognition reduce inequality?” and challenges the idea that more unequal places only exist in the global south.


The Special Issue is divided into four main areas: equality rights recognition and backlash; women and children experiences of gender inequality; environmental justice and climate change; citizenship and access to justice. The group presented the early findings of their collective work at the recent Law and Society Association Conference held in June, 2023 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

GRIP is excited to provide support for this much-needed work, and to help promote early career researchers as they navigate academia. The partnership is a testament to GRIP’s commitment to promoting interdisciplinary research and international collaboration in addressing pressing global issues. Stay tuned for updates on the publication of the Special Issue.