About GRIP

The Global Research Programme on Inequality (GRIP) is a collaboration between the University of Bergen (UiB) and International Science Council (ISC). GRIP is an interdisciplinary research programme dedicated to understanding and addressing rising inequalities in all world regions. GRIP’s approach is committed to epistemological openness, methodological diversity, and the co-production of knowledge. It seeks to integrate plural traditions, various knowledge discourses, and multiple modes of research.

GRIP’s mission is to develop an international network of interdisciplinary inequality researchers, produce original contributions to the inequality debate, and support the UiB and ISC engagement with global inequalities. GRIP aims to identify potential pathways towards greater equality by understanding global and local contestations over inequality and producing actionable research to contribute to systemic transformations and more sustainable and equal futures. GRIP’s work is informed by a long historical and global conjuncture of increasing inequalities and recent acceleration of political and intellectual concerns about inequality. There is an urgent and broadly shared sense that current elevated inequality levels are not only unjust and inefficient, but also unsustainable.

Unless otherwise stated, all images are from Johnny Miller, Unequal Scenes