Decolonisation and the Pursuit of Human Dignity: A Keynote Address by Divine Fuh

In this episode of Unequal Worlds, Divine Fuh explores the complex relationship between decolonisation and the pursuit of human dignity. Joining Fuh are Ouma Ba & Yumba Kakhobwe who respond to the address as well as questions from the audience at the recently held Bergen Exchanges on Law Social Transformation. The keynote was chaired by Satang Nabaneh.


Fuh argues that the decolonial movement in South Africa has shifted its focus from the decolonisation of knowledge to addressing the suffering and inequality experienced by poor black South Africans. He introduces the concept of “sh*t” to emphasise the suffering and predicament of poor black South Africans living in shacks and townships while the white population experiences growing opulence.



Fuh emphasises the importance of recognising and acknowledging suffering as a catalyst for the decolonial project. He discusses the concept of “seeing” suffering, which involves empathy, transformation, and understanding. He also discusses the challenges in conceptualising suffering, especially when different languages and conceptual frameworks have limited vocabulary for it.


Fuh views decolonisation as an exercise in human dignity and suggests embracing concepts like conviviality, rethinking the human, and ethical cohabitation to address inequalities and find new ways of thinking. He argues that breaking free from dominant conceptual regimes is essential to understanding and addressing suffering and inequality effectively.


This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the decolonial movement, human rights, and the pursuit of a more just and equitable world.


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