DisLocal Lab and GRIP

GRIP is excited to announce a collaboration with the Venezuelan based platform DisLocal Lab.

GRIP is excited to announce a collaboration with the Venezuelan based platform DisLocal Lab.

DisLocal is an experimental on-site university that brings together architects and urban disciplines in a network of global cooperation.

Dis_Local follows the philosophy that urban areas will undoubtedly expand into the rural areas and create a live feedback loop between rural-city. For DisLocal, the city fabric offers an intersection between urban development models and the exploration of peripheries as part of a fresh irreverent context, where new spaces hatch. As they themselves state:

“We look to connect your future in architecture with trends in emerging urban development towards a sustainable outlook with equitable, inclusive, and carbon-neutral projects through a human lens. The commitment is to build a resource-efficient world, both on the social and environmental front.”

This approach is well aligned with GRIP’s own aim: to facilitate a better understanding of the multiple facets of inequality, including economic, social, political, cultural, environmental and knowledge-based inequalities, and to contribute to addressing these through producing actionable and relevant research.

Both GRIP and DisLocal share a common interest in facilitating, supporting and promoting production of knowledge that contributes to more equal, inclusive and sustainable urban environments on global scale. By entering this cooperation, we are sure that a we will be able to both engage in and create opportunities in numerous fruitful ways.

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