The Global Research Programme on Inequality (GRIP) is a research programme mandated jointly by the International Science Council and the University of Bergen through an agreement signed on the 15th of October 2019.

GRIP’s development is directed by our Board of Sponsors, which defines the mandate and general framework of GRIP. The Board of Sponsors includes the Rector of the University of Bergen and the President of the International Science Council.

The GRIP Development Team is responsible for developing plans for GRIP’s long-term activities, and guides and monitors GRIPs scientific and outreach activities. The Development Team reviews GRIP’s annual reports. The team also works to expand GRIP’s international network of researchers and organisations, and contributes to fundraising activities for the programme.

The GRIP Secretariat is located at the University of Bergen, Norway. The secretariat is responsible for the development and implementation of GRIP’s activities, defined under the guidance of the GRIP Development Team.

The University of Bergen Programme Committee represents various key departments and research environments at UiB. The tasks of the UiB Programme Committee will be to both communicate GRIP initiatives to the wider UiB research environment and, where relevant, to support and participate in GRIP activities.