Addressing Inequality: The Annual GRIP Lecture and Symposium

The Global Research Programme on Inequality (GRIP) presents its Annual Lecture and Symposium, a flagship event series that brings together renowned experts from academia, activism, and other relevant fields to address the multifaceted challenges of inequality. We select a prominent academic to deliver the Annual Lecture each year, focusing on a specific inequality-related theme. The lecture catalyses thought-provoking discussions, setting the research agenda for the year and inspiring our research activities.

The Annual Lecture is followed by a one-day symposium featuring invited scholars contributing insights from their respective fields aligned with the lecture’s theme. These papers undergo rigorous peer review, with each panel featuring discussants providing constructive feedback.  Through these panels, scholars explore different aspects of the Annual Lecture theme in depth, advancing the knowledge frontier on various dimensions of inequality. The symposium also provides a platform for direct engagements between the attendees and the contributing scholars, facilitating a more comprehensive public dialogue on the addressed themes.    

The Annual Lecture and Symposium are crucial platforms for advancing our understanding of inequality and identifying future pathways to address its root causes. These events foster collaboration among researchers, policymakers, and the wider public, promoting knowledge exchange and accelerating progress towards a more equitable society.

Key Highlights of the Annual Lecture and Symposium:

  • Renowned keynote speakers from diverse backgrounds
  • Thought-provoking lectures on cutting-edge inequality research
  • Engaging in panel discussions with expert discussants
  • Opportunities for audience participation and interaction

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