The GRIP Annual Lecture 2023: “200 Years of Socialism: Revisiting the Old Dilemmas”

Dive into the world of socialism and labour movements in the GRIP Annual Lecture 2023. Join us for an enlightening discussion as esteemed global labour historian Marcel van der Linden takes the stage to share invaluable insights into the historical trajectories of socialist and labour movements.


In this inaugural lecture, delivered on May 31, van der Linden provides a deep exploration of the challenges faced by these movements and the strategic choices they have made throughout history. Engage with van der Linden’s vast knowledge and research as he unravels the complexities of 200 years of socialism.



Joining the conversation are renowned scholars Göran Therborn, Svati Shah, and Ernesto Semán, who provide insightful commentary, further enriching the lecture. Together, they offer a comprehensive understanding of the past and present dilemmas of socialist and labour movements. You may catch-up on their interventions by following this link!


Don’t miss this thought-provoking lecture that sheds light on the historical lessons that can guide the future of socialism. Tune in to the GRIP Annual Lecture 2023 and deepen your understanding of socialism and labour movements. You can also watch the entire Lecture on YouTube!