Unmasking Inequality: Labour Unions vs. Authoritarian Regimes

This episode of the Unequal Worlds explores how labour unions can address inequality, especially in the context of authoritarian regimes. Elina Troscenko (GRIP, University of Bergen) moderates a panel discussion during the 2023 Bergen Exchanges on Law & Social Transformation. The panel is comprised of three scholars from different parts of the world:

The scholars share insights and perspectives on the conditions of labour in their respective contexts, focusing on labour mobilisation against authoritarian regimes, the challenges faced by labour unions, and the strategies they employ. They discuss issues such as labour rights, unionisation rates, collective bargaining, and the effectiveness of unions in influencing political change.



The scholars also touch upon the potentialities and shortcomings of labour unions in changing political realities and addressing inequality. They discuss the different strategies and repertoires of resistance employed by unions and how they adapt to evolving political landscapes. They address questions about the democratic nature of unions and their role in promoting democracy in their respective countries.


This episode is essential listening for anyone interested in labour unions, inequality, and authoritarian regimes. It provides a nuanced and insightful look at the complex relationship between these three forces, and it highlights the importance of labor unions in the fight for social justice.