Bergen Exchanges: Postcolonial Queer and Trans Theory: The Country, the City, and Rural Imaginaries

Kulturhuset + Zoom vaskerelven 8, Bergen

We are proud to invite all to this keynote by GRIP affiliate Dr Svati Shah.  As LGBTQI+ movements and visibility gain momentum in South Asia and Africa, these spaces take shape as urban, developmentalist, and, in some respects, homonationalist and homocapitalist. In their keynote, Dr Svati Shah reads work by South Asian historian Neeladhri Bhattacharya […]

Vision and Method in Anthropology: Forty Years of Eric Wolf’s ‘Europe and the People Without History’

Christies gate 12, room 215

Organizers: Don Kalb (University of Bergen) and Susana Narotzky (University of Barcelona). This workshop will inquire into anthropological vision and method forty years after “Europe and the People Without History”. It is forty years ago that Eric Wolf published his pathbreaking “Europe and the People Without History” (1982). The book gave an anthropological account of […]

Breakfast seminar: “Queer Politics & Democratic Rights in India: 1975 – Present” with Svati Shah

Bergen Global Jekteviken 31, Bergen

Breakfast meeting with Svati Shah, Kari Jegerstedt (moderator), Siri Gloppen and Randi Elin Gressgård as discussants. At this breakfast meeting, Dr. Shah will first present a talk on the historiographical argument about the nature and origins of contemporary LGBTQIA+ movements in India. The talk is drawn from a larger ethnographic project on the ways in […]

Breakfast Meeting: “Collaboration, what is it good for?” with Zarina Patel

Bergen offentlige bibliotek Strømgaten 6, Bergen

Together with CET, we invite you to a breakfast meeting with Zarina Patel. Creating cities that are sustainable, liveable and fair depends on collaboration across all sectors. Cities are key actors in climate and energy transformation. More than half of the world's population lives in cities and urban areas represent more than 70% of the […]

Breakfast Meeting: Perspectives on the Futures of Post-Conflict Societies

Bergen Global and Zoom

GRIP welcomes all to a breakfast seminar at Bergen Global (and Zoom) Friday 21st of October 08:30 – 09:30.   This breakfast meeting will focus on investigating possible futures of post-conflict societies in different regional contexts. Moderator Elina Troscenko (GRIP) in conversation with film director Akuol de Mabior, researcher Sarah Tobin (CMI), Carmeliza Rosário (CMI) […]

Workshop: “Political Protests and New Forms of Citizenship”

This is an introductory workshop to the project “Political Protests and New Forms of Citizenship”, funded by the Christian Michelsen Institute (CMI) and the University of Bergen (UIB). The project is funded by a CMI and UIB initiative aimed at fostering collaborations across the two institutions and thus has provided us with an opportunity to […]

Breakfast Seminar: Citizenship by the people?

Bergen Global and Zoom

GRIP welcomes all to a breakfast seminar at Bergen Global (and Zoom) Friday  9th of December 08:30 – 09:30.   Citizenship, with its legal elements as well as formal and informal practices, signifies and outlines relationship between the state and society. Different political regimes allow for different practices and experiences of citizenship and although citizenship […]

Speculative Urban Futures. Part 2

The project Speculative Urban Futures is organising a two-day workshop in Berlin 18-19 January 2023. Participants are invited to join in ‘speculations’ about potential urban futures, in the form of cross-disciplinary open-ended discussion and creation. The aim is to bring forth experiences, practices and perspectives that are often marginalised in hegemonic discourses on urban futures. We […]

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