GRIP Annual Academic Workshop 2023

Ulrikes aula and Zoom Professor Keysers gate 1, Bergen, Vestland

A two-day workshop "200 Years of Socialism: Revisiting the Old Dilemmas"

Suffering as Way of Life: Precarity and New Imaginative Subjectivities

9th Floor - SV-bygget Universitetet i Bergen Institutt for sosialantropologi, BERGEN, Norway

Join us for an illuminating seminar dissecting the intricate interplay between African youth experiences, the pivotal role of suffering and struggle, and their profound impact on identity formation, coping strategies, and the pursuit of recognition among young people across Cameroon, Senegal, and South Africa. Through an expertly woven narrative, distinguished anthropologist Divine Fuh will unravel […]


Labour Unions against Authoritarianism

Kulturhuset Vaskerelven 8, top floor, Bergen, Norway

Labour unions have often been in the forefront of mobilising against oppressive regimes. As custodian organisations, they have tremendous potential in mobilising society in times of need. Yet, labour unions are also navigating and operating in a difficult political landscape, filled with repressions, co-option, restrictions as well as containment. This round table explores the conditions […]

Decolonising Suffering: On Precarity and New Imaginative Subjectivities

Kulturhuset Vaskerelven 8, top floor, Bergen, Norway

Join us at Bergen Exchanges for an illuminating keynote address by Divine Fuh. The keynote delves into the heart of international development and philanthropy, exploring the transformative mission of eradicating suffering within the context of decolonisation. Divine Fuh will examine the reimagining of suffering's role in reshaping subjectivities, particularly amidst youth uprisings challenging established power […]


Inequality and legal change: Perspectives from the Global South

Kulturhuset Vaskerelven 8, top floor, Bergen, Norway

In this interactive panel, a dynamic group of early career academics representing the South-South Network will share their unique socio-legal insights on the topics of inequality and legal change as observed from their respective countries in Latin America and Africa. Delving beyond economic challenges, they will explore the dimensions of social, gender, sexual, and structural […]


Social Sciences and Equitable Society

The University Aula in Bergen, Norway

KEYNOTE - The Role of Social Sciences and Humanities in the Quest for a More Just and Equitable Society   The University of Bergen, in cooperation with international partners, is hosting a conference Winds of Change and Streams of Solidarity: Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe in the 21st Century, 4-5 September 2023. One of […]

Crises of Care

Bergen Global and Zoom Jekteviksbakken 31, Bergen, Norway

GRIP together with the Centre for Care Research west (HVL) is organizing a seminar that will attend to some of the most prominent and pressing issues on the subject of care crises in the Nordic context, especially focusing on labour and inequality.

Keynote Address by Don Kalb at “Exploring Racial Capitalism: Critical Romani Studies in Central and Eastern Europe” Conference


We are pleased to announce that Don Kalb, GRIP Academic Director, will be delivering a keynote address at the Exploring Racial Capitalism: Critical Romani Studies in Central and Eastern Europe conference on October 20, 2023. In his keynote address, titled "Capitalism is not just an economy; and racial capitalism is a tautology: On the dialectics […]


Breaking Social: Film screening and a panel debate at BIFF

Kulturhuset Vaskerelven 8, top floor, Bergen, Norway

In cooperation with the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre at the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI) and Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF) GRIP is proud to host a panel debate after a screening of the movie Breaking Social by Fredrik Gertten.   Breaking Social is a critical and inspiring documentary about societal injustice. While all societies are based […]

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